Pebble Trays

Forced air furnaces... Great for keeping us cozy and warm. But, low humidity causes leaf tips to brown. Just like people, a large percentage of a houseplant contains water. In the winter, the difference between the moisture content of the plant and the air causes the plant to loose water. As a result, leaf tips turn brown. Blossoms will often fail to open. Older leaves may drop.

To increase humidity, you can mist the plants. This is often ineffective, and can actually introduce fungal diseases. More effective methods include grouping plants together or placing plants on a pebble tray.

Pebble Trays
Pebble Tray Supplies

To make a pebble tray, you will need a waterproof saucer and some decorative rock.
The larger the saucer, the better.

Pebble Tray Add Water

Fill the saucer with the stones

Pebble Tray Water Level

Add water until the level is just below the top of the pebbles.
You don't want the plant to sit in water.
Remember to add water to the pebble tray as it evaporates.