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Design your Yard


Our in-house designers will craft a yard plan that is perfect for you, your home, and your lifestyle! 

What to Expect | Our in-store designer will sit down with you and sketch a design plan for your yard or outdoor space. All of the plant material needed for your yard will be clearly marked out on the plan. The opportunity to pre-book your plant material will always be available to you. At the end of the consult, you will be able to keep all of the plans that were completed.

Length | 30 minute in-store service.

Cost | The design consult is $50.00. At the end of your design consult, you will be given the $50.00 back in the form of a coupon which you be able to redeem with the purchase of $500.00 or more in plant material!

Book | Please call us at 306.249.1222 or email to book your design consult today.

Questionnaire | Please fill in the questionnaire below a minimum of 48 hours before your design consult appointment. 

Phone Number:

What goals would you like to achieve with your yard?
What is the main problem you are facing with your yard?
What are the dimensions of your yard?
What are your favourite colours?
How many hours per week do you want to spend maintaining your yard?


Check all that you would like to include:

Shade trees (40' - 100') Vines
Small flowering trees (under 40')  Perennials
Specimen trees (under 40')     Annuals
Evergreen trees (15' and over) Vegetables
Deciduous hedges (5' and over)  Herbs
Evergreen hedges (5' - 15')Bulbs
Evergreen/flowering shrubs (3' - 10') Fruit trees & shrubs
Deciduous/flowering shrubs (3' - 10')  Flowers/cutting
Evergreen ground cover   Lawn
Deciduous ground cover    Other

What are your favourite plants?            
What are your least favourite plants?    


Plant Use

Intended goal to be achieved through plants used:

Privacy  Pollution reduction
Fragrance   Site enhancement
Attract birds   Shade
Energy efficiency  Climbing for children
Noise reduction   Edible
Wind reduction   Herbs for cooking


Informal (natural)  Inward orientation
Curved rows or edges   Linear rows or edges