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Scotts Ecosense Path Clear RTU 709ml

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For control of grass and weeds on driveways, sidewalks, patios, gravel and more, use Scotts® EcoSense® Path Clear® Grass & Weed Control. It leaves no harmful residue in the soil. This convenient, ready-to-use format is ideal for small problem areas.

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Product Details

How to Use: No dilution or mixing is required. To apply, turn the adjustable nozzle to achieve the desired spray pattern. For most applications, use a coarse spray that can be targeted to uniformly and thoroughly wet only unwanted foliage. Complete coverage is necessary for best results.

When to Apply & How Often: For best results apply in sunny warm weather to actively growing young weeds less than 10 cm tall. Retreatment of large weeds and regrowth of perennial weeds will be required.

Where to Use: In and around the garden, on patios, sidewalks, driveways, under fences and around established trees and shrubs. Use to edge along driveways, sidewalks and to control weeds in gravel and mulch. Avoid spraying desirable plants.

What it Controls: Annual weeds: common ragweed, chickweed, black medic and lamb's-quarters and topgrowth control of the following perennial weeds: dandelion, plantain (broadleaved and narrowleaved), wild carrot and quackgrass.

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