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We want you to be successful with your sweet potatoes; that's why we've brought in a 5" pot! Having a potted, sprouted sweet potato takes away the frustrating starting time and will ensure that your crop is better than ever.

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Sweet potatoes are pickup in store only. You will receive a secondary email notifying you when you can come pickup your order.

Bellevue: Attractive copper skin. Bright orange flesh that stays bright after baking. Has more fructose that sucrose.

Bonita: A super sweet variety. Delivers unbeatable sweetness. Tan-skinned with a pink cast. Bright white flesh with yellow tint.

Burgundy: Deep orange flesh and deep red skin. The burgundy skin is attractive but yet very different from other varieties.

Evangeline: One of the sweetest varieties. Deep orange in flesh color. Great in the microwave or the oven. The young shoots are deep red and can be attractive for ornamental uses. 

Muraski 29: Elliptical roots. White flesh, high dry matter, purple skin. 

Orleans: Orange flesh, light rose skinned. Twin to Beauregard variety in sugar profiles as well as skin and flesh.

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