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All Purpose Fertilizer 25-8-20 1.65kg

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All purpose, water soluble plant fertilizer.
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All Purpose Fertilizer 25-8-20 1.65kg

Directions: For all indoor and outdoor plants including flowers, fruits, vegetables, roses, tree, shrubs, lawns, vines, ground cover and houseplants. 

Mixing Rates: For Gardens: Mix 15mL per 5L of water. For houseplants: Mix 7.5mL per 5L of water.

When to Apply: Start in early spring at the first sign of new growth and on actively growing plants. Apply every 2 weeks for fast growing plants and every 4 weeks for slow growing plants.

How to Apply: This product is a concentrate that must be mixed with water before applying. Apply the mixed solution to the soil with a watering can or hose-end applicator until moistened thoroughly.

Caution: Do not apply during very hot or very dry conditions.