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Succulent Care


Succulents are a desert plant loved by all and have relatively easy care!


Dealing with Snow Mold


Snow Mold is a nasty thing to happen to your lawn, but, it is easily prevented and can be removed just by raking! 

Citrus Tree Care


Citrus trees in your home are stunning! Learn how to keep them happy and thriving. 

Choosing The Perfect Pot


Making sure your new plant baby is happy in the proper pot is essential for growth and longevity. 


Spider Mites


Learn how to get rid of those nasty Spider Mites!



Pet Friendly Houseplants


We want our plant babies and our fur babies to get along! Here are our top pet-friendly houseplants for your home.


Trimming Your Houseplants


Trimming your houseplants is part of being a good plant parent, and your houseplants will thank you for it.


How to style the Levi's Ribcage jeans!


Here are some ways we love to style the Levi’s Ribcage Jeans! The Ribcage Jeans have an extra-high rise and button fly to help define your waist. They’re designed to elongate your silhouette and make you feel as amazing as you look. We love these pieces so much - and we hope you love them too! Which outfit was your favourite?


Centipedes in Your Houseplant Soil


While they might be gross and a little creepy, centipedes in our houseplants can actually be beneficial!



Mealy Bugs & Aphids


With our plants, unfortunately, comes the pests. Aphids and Mealy Bugs are a few of the worst pests your plants can get! Know how to spot them, treat them and prevent them with this video.

Why you should rotate your houseplants


In our homes, light sources are not available evenly overhead like the vast blue sky outside! Our plants are smart, and will always grow towards the light. You may notice your plant friends become 'un-even' and sometimes even laggy because they do not get enough sunlight or are reaching for that light to grow! Rotate your houseplants often to encourage straight growth and happy plant friends.

Wiping your plant leaves: why its important!


Making sure our plant friends are able to take in the sunlight efficiently is essential to plant growth! When our plants get dust build-up on the leaves, that prevents them from being able to photosynthesize properly. Also, when you are routinely wiping your leaves, this allows for you to check for bugs at the same time!

Propagation Basics: Houseplants


Purchasing a plant and creating so many more new plant friends from it is so rewarding! Propagation may seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools, knowledge and patience (a lot of patience) you will see success with your plant cuttings!


Fungus Gnats


Fungus Gnats are a SUPER common bug problem with houseplants! Do you ever see small, fruitfly-like bugs flying around your plants? You probably have Fungus Gnats! Follow these tips to banish gnats and keep your plants happy & thriving.



Winter Houseplant Care


Light, water, humidity, bugs! These are all elements you need to look at when caring for your houseplants in the winter.