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Koi Protect 250ml

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5-in-1 water conditioner for Koi ponds.
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Koi Protect 250ml

Koi Protect offers 5 different effective features for Koi ponds:
- Neutralizes the harmful effect of chlorine and chloramine in tap water.
- Binds heavy metal ions in the water.
- Protects the fish mucous membrane, and promotes resistance to infection.
- Alleviates fish stress.
- Provides water clarity.

Directions: Use the cap as a measure.

In a New Pond: One capful* for every 200 litres of pond water.

After Heavy Rainfall: One capful* for every 400 litres of pond water.

When Adding New Fish: One capful* for every 200 litres of pond water.

*One capful, filled up to the end of the outer corrugation, equals 0.3 floz/10ml

Ingredients: Magnesium edetate, calcium edetate, hydroxymethane sulfonic acid, vitamin B, dye, water.

For use in ornamental fish ponds only.