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Monstera Thai Constellation 4"

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  • This variety of monstera is on the rarer side, featuring its glossy foliage with paint-like splatters throughout.
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    The Thai Constellation is a rare species of Monstera that features marble-like, glossy green foliage with white paint-like splatters. 

    Thai Constellation Monstera Care:


    Medium to bright indirect light
    • Keep out of direct sunlight, as this can cause the leaves to burn!


    Moderate water needs
    • Allow to dry slightly between waterings.
    • They are prone to root rot if the soil is too soggy!


    An ideal indoor plant
    • Ideal temperature is anywhere from 18 to 30 degrees. 
    • Keep away from drafty areas like air conditioners or vents.


    Well-draining soil
    • Cactus mix is preferred.


    During the growing season
    • The Thai Constellation is a slow feeder, so you don't have to use fertilizer very often. Use once a month diluted to half of its strength.

    Note: This plant is toxic when ingested! Keep away from pets and small children.

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