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Salt First Himalayan Salt Lamp

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  • Salt Lamps made from the purest salt in the world. The salt is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan by a group of carefully selected companies and contains 84 essential minerals for your well-being.
  • Please contact [email protected] to arrange delivery for salt lamps over 15lbs.

    The lamp comes with a dimmer cord.

    Benefits: Improves breathing problems and reduces allergies. Less cold and flu due to airborne viruses. Fewer headaches and migraines. Reduced symptoms from disorders like rheumatism and arthritis. An improvement in skin diseases. Easier to get a good sleep at night. Increased relaxation and calmness. Reduced stress.

    How it Works: It purifies the air by attracting water molecules from the surrounding environment, absorbing them and any foreign particles they may be carrying, into the salt crystal. As the Salt Lamp warms up, that same water evaporates back into the air but the trapped particles remain locked in the salt. Then, with the cycling of airborne particles, it also changes the charge of the molecules which are released. Our homes are filled with positively charged ions, primarily from electrons; Salt Lamps will neutralize the balance of positive and negative ions in its environment.

    Care: Occasionally turn your Salt Lamp off for an hour, let it cool, and gently rub it with a damp cloth to clean away trapped dust and other particles. The rest of the time leave the lamp on 24/7 and let it work to clean the air in your home. 

    Coral Pink: The beautiful ambience of these coral pink salt lamps will create a warm space for reflection and well-being.

    Ash Grey: Our exotic grey lamps are harvested from deep within the Himalayan Mountains. They are rare and have a glow that will transform your space.

    Pearl White: The powerful bright rays of these rare white lamps turn your room into a stunning showpiece of space and tranquillity.

    Auburn Red: The deep and rich red emits the darker glow while still providing the wellness benefits; it creates a unique centrepiece in your home. 

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