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C-I-L Golfgreen Bio-Weed and Feed 9-00-00 9kg

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  • Bio-Weed and Feed uses the power of corn gluten to prevent weeds from germinating. Prevent crabgrass, white clover, and dandelions before you even see them.
  • Nutrients /


    Nitrogen 9


    Phosphorus 0


    Potassium 0


    • Corn Gluten Meal (actual): 90%
    • Total Nitrogen (N): 9%
    • Water-Insoluble Nitrogen: 9 %
    Usage &

    With 90 % corn gluten meal | Prevents weed seeds from germinating | Thick, green turf with no risk of burning

    9 kg (19.8 lb)

    The low nitrogen helps with greening and growth of existing lawn with the assist of a good lawn maintenance program. A bag will cover 93 sq. meters of lawn. To get rid of the nuisance of weeds without the use of herbicides, use Bio-Weed and Feed.

    • Excessive moisture at the time of treatment may reduce the effectiveness of the product.
    • This product should be used as part of a complete fertilization program.
    • Do not apply under windy conditions.
    • The inhibitory effect of the product to weed seeds generally dissipates in five weeks following application.
    • Apply to a mature lawn having a well-developed root mass.

    Treatment /

    Covers 1000 sq. ft.

    Apply at a rate of 9.7 kg/100 m2 (20 lb / 1 000 sq. ft.).

    How to use
    • To inhibit weed seed germination, use in conjunction with a sound lawn maintenance program.
    • Apply product with a fertilizer spreader in a criss-cross pattern. Use half the content in each direction. Weeds that are established at the time of application will not be inhibited.
    • Do not apply the product on newly seeded grass as it may inhibit grass seeds from germinating. Wait until after first mowing when root systems are established.
    • If over-seeding or re-sodding in the spring, do not apply the product in the spring. If over-seeding or re-sodding in the fall, do not apply the product in the fall.
    When to apply
    • Apply to established turf twice a year, once in the early spring two weeks before weed seed germination, and once in late summer or early fall after heat stress has passed.
    • Apply when soil is moist and when rain is forecast within 2 days of treatment. If rainfall does not occur within 2 days of treatment, irrigation is required.
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