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Schultz Liquid Plant Food 10-15-10 300g

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  • Help your houseplants thrive with this liquid plant food! Feeds Every Time You Water! Easy-to-use liquid plant food with micronutrients that encourages new growth for your indoor and outdoor plants, flowers and vegetables.
  • Nutrients /


    Nitrogen 10


    Phosphorus 15


    Potassium 10

    Usage &

    All Purpose

    NET CONTENTS: 236 ml / 8 fl oz
    Net Weight: 300g

    Indoors: Houseplants, African Violets, Orchids, Herbs, Gardenias, Gloxinia, Dieffenbachia, Philodendron, Bonsai, Pothos, Jade Plants, Ivy, Cacti, Ficus, Hydroponics.

    Outdoors: Outdoor plants, Roses, Tomatoes, flowers, bulbs, bedding plants, seeds, vegetables, trees, Azaleas, fruits, berries, Rhododendrons, shrubs, evergreens.

    Treatment /

    Shake bottle well before each use. Keep bottle in carton when not in use. One full squeeze of the dropper dispenses approximately 14 drops.

    Indoor Houseplants

    • Just 7 drops (0.53mL) per litre of water every time you water, for everything you grow.
    • For feeding once or twice a month use up to 14 drops (1.05mL) per litre of water.

    Outdoor Plants

    • 4 dropperfuls (4.2mL per 3.8L) or water every time you water
    • For feeding once or twice a month use up to 8 dropperfuls (8.4mL per 3.8L) of water.
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