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Dutch Growers Monstera Split Leaf

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  • This may be the perfect houseplant if you're looking for one easy-to-grow yet with a big, bold, and tropical feel in your home.
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    Monstera deliciosa

    Monstera Split Leaf Care:


    Ideal conditions for a Monstera Split Leaf will produce a large, healthy plant.
    • Place indoors with medium exposure: bright, indirect light. Avoid very direct sunlight and dark corners.


    Monstera Split Leaf should be kept moist, especially if in a dry environment. Sponge the leaves with water or wipe with a microfiber cloth to keep them clean.
    • Water regularly, enough to keep the soil from drying out.


    Excessive heat should be avoided or the lush leaves on the Monstera Split Leaf will begin to curl and droop. Avoid wet conditions around the roots if lower temperatures are likely to prevail which may cause the roots to rot.
    • Room temperature, away from drafts or heat sources.


    A soil mix with a high peat content and substrates like perlite are ideal for the right combination of moisture and drainage.


    Monstera Split Leaf should be fertilized a few times in spring and summer to keep it happy and healthy, especially if the leaves are beginning to look light green or pale around the veins.
    • Use a balanced tropical houseplant fertilizer during the growing season.
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