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Myke Myke Tree and Shrub 1.5L

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  • Provide trees and shrubs with an all-natural product which effectively harnesses the forces of nature. Myke Tree & Shrub delivers superior growing results. Myke ensures abundant flowering, reduces watering needs, and enhances rapid growth development.
  • Myke uses the beneficial microorganism mycorrhizae to assist with transplanting shock. Mycorrhizae live on plant roots, to allow both parties to benefit, and keep each other healthy. Without this microorganism, plants can struggle during drought years because mycorrhizae actually lead plant roots to water sources. Specific nutrients are easier to uptake because the mycorrhizae break them down to easily absorbed nutrients.


    How to get the 5-YEAR WARRANTY on your tree or shrub when buying MYKE TREE & SHRUB:

    • Buy a new tree or shrub from Dutch Growers along with Myke Tree & Shrub natural growth enhancer and get a 5-YEAR Warranty!
    • If your tree or shrub does not survive, simply return your purchase to the store along with proof of purchase and receive a credit of an equivalent value.

    Myke Tree & Shrub

    Treatment and Formulation:

    Formulated with natural fine granular carrier (perlite and peat), efficient on both broad-leaf trees and evergreens.

    MYCORRHIZAE Types: endomycorrhizae and ectomycorrhizae


    When planting trees and shrubs, spread MYKE at the bottom and on the sides of the hole. For hedges, use 125 ml (1/2 cup) to 250 ml (1 cup) of MYKE for every linear meter (yard), depending on the width of the furrow, 30 cm (1 ft) to 60 cm (2ft) respectively. For best results, be sure that the roots are in contact with MYKE. Store at room temperature between 2°C - 20°C and keep away from intense heat or freezing.


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