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Persian Lime

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  • Growing a lime tree is easy and requires relatively little care if its placed in the right conditions. It's known for its abundant fruiting habits and the quickness at which it will start producing fruit, in about three or four years.
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    Persian Lime Care:


    • Of course, outdoors, citrus trees love soaking up full sun, which is considered six or more hours of direct sunlight. Indoors, you can place them on a sunny east, west or south-facing windowsill, but they'll do better with a grow light. Keep the light on for your plant for 8 to 12 hours, but not overnight. All plants need darkness too, as part of their growth cycle. Also, don't allow the light to get too close to the plant or you may scorch leaves. 
      • Full, direct sun in the fall & winter.
      • Full to bright, indirect sun in the spring & summer.
      • Citrus trees NEED sun to produce fruit. Citrus trees will not do well in a low light location. Optimal light is a south or west facing window.


    • Make sure your citrus tree stays semi-moist all the time, but avoid wet soil. Ensure your citrus tree has well-draining soil and is able to drain excess water throughly!


    Warm temperatures & moderate humidity
    • Consistent room temperature and moderate humidy are key! Avoid drafts, vents, or heat sources.



    Well-draining soil
    • Moist but not drenched, nutrient-rich, and slightly acidic soil is ideal.


    For the first 3 years, fertilize every 6 weeks. For mature trees, fertilize 3 times/year, between March and September.
    • A slow-release fertilizer should be applied yearly — once in the spring is sufficient! We recommend Jobes Fertilizer Spikes for Fruit & Citrus.
    • For the rest of the growing season, use a water soluble Evergreen & Citrus fertilizer (30-10-10) — 2 teaspoons for every 4 litres, watered in every 2 weeks.


    Tips & Tricks

    • These citrus trees are self-fertile. There is no need for other pollinators!
    • If you have a cat or dog who likes to nosh on your houseplants, it's best to keep these plants out of reach. The fruit is edible, but pets who ingest the skin or foliage may experience tummy upset, as well as dermatitis due to the essential oils, according to the ASPCA.
    • To keep up the moisture, consider adding a humidifier near your tree.


    Can I Take an Indoor Citrus Tree Outside for Summer?

    It's not necessary, but citrus trees do love being outside, especially during the cooler temperatures of spring and fall. Wait until it's no longer getting below 5° degrees at night before bringing them out. Gradually acclimate your tree to full sun so it doesn't get scorched, by leaving it out for a few hours, then moving it into shade, then finally working up to full sun conditions.

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