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Woeber's Mustards Sandwich Pals

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  • There's nothing like a classic condiment to top off your favorite meal.
  • Dusseldorf Mustard: Smooth and creamy. Spicy and Bold. An old world recipe that enhances all meat sandwiches especially sausages and hot dogs.

    Horseradish Mustard: A family recipe since 1905, this mustard is the perfect blend of spices and fresh horseradish. Exceptional with burgers and brats.

    Smoky Horseradish Sauce: This is a great compliment to your favorite sandwich meats. Just a hint of mesquite flavoring gives this horseradish sauce a new twist.

    Hot and Spicy Mustard: This mustard will wake up your taste buds! Only the #1 select mustard seed is used, along with fresh horseradish, peppers and special spices. Its rich, spicy flavor beefs up your enjoyment of broiled meats, poultry and cheeses. It’s also popular for use in salad dressing recipes.

    Sweet and Spicy Mustard: This mustard is unique! Only the #1 select mustard seed is stone-ground and blended with special spices to make it deliciously sweet. It goes great with meats and cold cuts, and is used often in cooking recipes.

    Jalapeno Mustard: South-of-the-border ZING! Real jalapeno peppers are stone-ground with special spices to perk up your taste buds. It works about anywhere, especially on hot dogs, burgers and other sandwiches.

    Horseradish Sauce: This is our signature! Its zesty taste has been created from freshly ground horseradish blended with special spices into a creamy base. Its smooth texture counters its hot, lively taste to make it the perfect sandwich spread. Our horseradish sauce also enhances marinades, salad dressings and dip recipes.

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