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Everyone's favourite seasonal cactus is back! The Zygocactus, or Holiday Cactus, is loved for its unique foliage and outstanding, colourful flowers. This popular, winter-flowering houseplant makes a great addition to any indoor setting.
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Live plants are in-store pickup only. You will receive a secondary email notifying you when your plants are ready to be picked up. Please take note that Zygocactus comes in a variety of colours and seasonal varieties. They will be chosen at random if you would like a specific seasonal cactus please give us a call. If you are not happy with the one we have chosen for you we will do our best to assist you in picking the one you love!

Latin name: Schlumbergera bridgessii

Light: This cactus will adapt to low light conditions, but the plant will produce blooms more readily if exposed to brighter light. That being said, too much direct sunlight can burn its leaves, so keep the Christmas cactus in an appropriate area to avoid this.

Water:  Zygocactus moisture is important as well. The plant requires frequent and thorough watering, during its active growth in spring and summer, keeping the soil slightly moist. Allow Christmas cactus moisture levels to drop and dry out some between watering intervals, but never completely, and never let the plant sit in water, as this will lead to root and stem rot. Applying a mild houseplant fertilizer solution every other week is also acceptable.


Placing a tray of pebbles filled with water beneath the zygocactus container is a good way to add more humidity to the home.