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African Violet 4"

African violets are small houseplants that produce clusters of white, blue, or purple flowers over fuzzy leaves. They are a very popular houseplant and are totally adorable!
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African Violet 4"

Live plants are only available for curbside pickup at our location or delivery within Saskatoon. 
Live plants cannot be shipped outside of Saskatoon safely due to unregulated temperatures in the transportation methods used by shipping companies. 
If you have requested curbside pick up you will receive a secondary email notifying you when your plants are ready to be picked up.
Please pick up your plant within 48 hours of being notified that it is ready for pickup!

Water: Keep the soil lightly moist in your African Violet and use room-temperature water.

Humidity: African Violet leaves are susceptible to rot if kept in high humidity, so water African violets from the bottom to avoid getting excess water on the leaves.

Fertilizer: Fertilize every 2 weeks with an African Violet Liquid Fertilizer 8-14-9, but only during the active growing season (spring and summer). Only start to fertilize when the plant appears to need an extra boost. Over-fertilizing is a more common problem than under-fertilizing.

Temperature: Many varieties of African Violet prefer warm conditions (65°F / 18°C or warmer) though some can tolerate cooler conditions. Keep away from drafty windows in winter.

To Note: Thin, dark green leaves and leggy stems tell you that the African Violet is getting too little light; light green or bleached leaves indicate too much light.

Fun Fact: Plants should be shifted to larger pots as they grow, but keeping African violets slightly root-bound can encourage them to bloom. The optimal time for repotting is after some leaves have wilted a bit.

* Please note that African Violets come in an array of colours. If you would prefer a certain colour, please state so in the 'note' section of your cart or give us a call at the store at 306-249-1222. We will try our best to fulfill your request! *