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19 Nov 2020

Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

It's a Canadian tradition to have live Christmas trees indoors during the holiday season, but like any live plant, there is some care involved! 



• One of the most important steps is to trim 1 to 2 " from the bottom of the trunk. This will allow good moisture uptake. If you plan to keep your tree outside for a length of time before setting it up, keep it out of the wind and sun. Trim the bottom of the trunk just before you plan to set the tree up.



• Before bringing your tree indoors, shake any loose needles or debris from the tree. Your tree has been growing in a field for at least seven years so some loose needles and branches are to be expected.



• Place the tree in a stand with a water reservoir that holds at least 1 litre of water. Using warm water and tree preservative such as Miracle-Gro For Christmas Trees will increase the life of your tree. Your tree may drink 1 litre a day for the first few days. Remember to check it a couple of times a day.



•BE SAFE Only use CSA approved lighting accessories. Test your light cords before you put them on your tree. They should be in good working and in good condition.



•Avoid combustible decorations. Keep metal foil and tinsel away from electrical sockets. Always turn off your decorations before going to bed or leaving home. Make sure your smoke detector is in good working order and never place candles or other open flames sources on or near your tree.

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