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18 Jan 2021

How to start seeds

Growing your own herbs, vegetables, fruit, flowers and more is SO rewarding and fulfilling Here are a few things you need to know about growing seeds and how to be successful.


What do I plant them in?

Seeds are not too picky when it comes to the container your plant them into. You can use biodegradable 2.5"-4" pots, the traditional plastic seedling starters, the biodegradable pellets, or the 4" square pots. A great addition is trays! Trays can hold whatever you prefer to grow and can be reused year after year.


What soil do I use?

A seed starting mix or coco coir is lighter and makes it easier for seeds to germinate! The proper soil is essential for seeds. Too dense of a soil essentially crushes the seeds and prevents the sprout from reaching the surface. Seed starting soils are also beneficial when it comes to holding onto moisture. Moisture is key to germination of seeds.


What kind of lighting do seeds need?

Lighting is one of the main factors you will need to ensure is on point when it comes to growing seeds! If your house does not have good lighting, don't worry! With a Grow Light, the requirement for a well-lit window is unnecessary. You can get T5 bulbs, or an LED fixture. Both will be effective for seed growth. Or make sure to place your seeds near a window with bright, indirect sunlight.


What about humidity & temperature?

Moisture is a key component to seed starting, and you can't forget temperature! To maintain proper temperature, use a heat mat that goes underneath your tray and creates a warm environment that encourages germination and increases success rates.

Domes are important on top of your trays for the beginning part of your seed's germination. They keep in the humidity required. Vented domes are the most beneficial so you can control the amount of humidity build-up. Once the seedling produces its true leaves, make sure to remove the dome completely because too much moisture can cause a limited amount of oxygen and air movement which will kill the seedling.

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