Palm Tree Care

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Palm Tree Care

Did you know that palm trees aren’t actually trees? They’re basically giant grasses! That’s why, once they’ve done a bit of initial growth, they’ll certainly continue to get taller but won’t get much wider. Palms are fantastic houseplants since most varieties are easy to grow and all types lend a tropical flair to just about any room.




• Bright indirect light, with some direct sunlight

• Most palms can tolerate medium-low light conditions, but keep in mind they might not thrive as nice



• Keep soil evenly moist during the spring and summer

• Allow soil to slightly dry out during the fall and winter

• Palm trees are very sensitive to irregular waterings-consider purchasing a moisture gauge to or keep a watering schedule



• Use Schultz Liquid Plant Food 10-15-10 every time you water from April-September



• Most palms love humidity and will not thrive as well in a dry room. Consider placing your palm on top of a pebble tray or near a humidifier.

• If you are going to mist your palm, make sure not to mist directly onto the leaves but rather above it. Misting directly onto your plant can cause pest spread and damage your foliage