Hardening Off Plants

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  • By Dutch Growers Saskatoon

Hardening Off Perennials

Spring has sprung! Congratulations on your new perennial purchase.

Here are a few tips to keep your perennials healthy until planting time.

•Keep your potted perennials in a bright window.

•Avoid overwatering; allow the top 2” of soil to dry thoroughly.

•Pinch new growth periodically to promote bushiness.

•Weather depending, perennials can safely be planted after all chance of frost is over, approximately the fourth week in May.

•Be sure to harden off your perennials by placing them outside during the day and bring them in again at night for at least one week starting the 2nd week in May.

•If after planting there is a risk of frost, simply run out and cover with a box of fabric. Do not use plastic.



Hardening Off Bedding Plants

The bedding plants you have purchased today have enjoyed the warmth and protection of our greenhouses. They are not ready to face the cold outdoors. You will find that if you take the time to harden your plants off, they will be much more vigorous and suffer less transplant shock.

•Hardening off bedding plants is done by setting the plant outside during the day in a sunny but protected area.

•Make sure that you do not let the plant dry out.

•At night, the plant should be brought inside. This is done for 5 to 10 days, depending on the weather.

•After you plant your bedding plant outside, listen carefully to the weather forecast. If frost is expected, cover all tender plants with blankets or newspapers. Do not use plastic.

•A little extra care will result in a beautiful colourful yard this summer.

NOTE: Do not plant New Guinea Impatiens outside until nighttime temperatures are above 15ºC.