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27 May 2020

Needle Cast Treatments

Needle Cast Treatments


Needle Cast is a fungal that thrives from drought conditions and stressed conifer trees. It generally targets spruce, but it can also spread to other types of evergreens.

Stressed trees will continue to have problems throughout the years, so ensure that you fertilize your trees. Fertilize with 30-10-10 or a top-dress fertilizer if on an acreage.


30-10-10 treatment

•  2tsp per 1 gallon of water

• Fertilize around the drip line every 3-4 weeks starting at the beginning of May, until July 15th.


Top-dress Fertilizer

•  Fertilize beginning of May, until July 15th Calculate the proper amount of fertilizer for the size of the tree.

• Spread around the drip line and water.

• Once fertilizing is done in July, keep watering during the hot months of August and September to prevent re-stressing your trees.


Copper Bordo Sulfur Spray

• Spray May Long

• 3 treatments, 1 week apart

• Dilute 1tsp into 1 L of water and spray directly onto the plant


If insects are present

Spider Mites:

• Spray Malathion around May Long in 3 treatments, 1 week apart (can be sprayed on the same day as Bordo, but spray first, and wait half an hour to an hour before spraying the Bordo)

*Toxic* ensure to cover up, do not spray on windy days, and keep kids and pets indoors while spraying.


Spruce Bud Worm- Ambush Same treatment as Malathion.

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